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Understanding the bovine oestrus cycle and the hormones involved, allow us to diagnose reproductive problems and treat them effectively, ultimately improving reproductive efficiency and conception rates.


Summer mastitis, often known as “August Bag” is a common problem in the UK in grazing animals. As the name suggests, it is usually in the summer months from June to September. As the numbers of flies increases, the risk also increases as the disease is spread between animals by biting flies. Unsurprisingly cases will often be found in fields with ponds or trees, which provide a good environment for the flies. It is an acute disease of the non-lactating udder and is common in both dairy and beef herds. Dry cows and heifers are particularly susceptible, but calves can also be affected. The primary causative agent is Trueperella pyogenes, but mixed infections can also occur.

Subclinical Disease in Sheep


Proactive monitoring and investigation of subclinical disease is an element of farming and veterinary work which is often overlooked in the sheep sector, where frequently we only see investigations into such conditions after clinical cases have come to light, and animals have already been lost. By the time clinical disease has manifested, other animals in the group may have been suffering in a subclinical capacity for some time, the unseen cost of which cannot be recouped.

Worming Regimes for Sheep

This article was written by Bob Norquoy, a partner in our neighbouring practice, Northvet, in Orkney.  It summarises how the approach to worming has changed in recent years.


With the emergence of and increased awareness of resistance in sheep worms to anthelmintics,  there have been significant changes in the regimes used for worming sheep compared with several years ago when regular and blanket worming was the norm. The SCOPS (Sustainable Control of Parasites of Sheep) project has been useful in producing a technical manual which is a useful resource for both vets and farmers in planning worming regimes for sheep flocks.

There are several key issues which should be addressed in a developing an appropriate regime.

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