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Most people will be aware that there is going to be a very limited supply of Spectam this year.

Current estimates are that only 20% off last years product sales will be available.  That means that some folks will get a small allocation, but others will get none.

We are looking at sourcing alternative products, which will hopefully be available soon.

Meantime, the sensible thing to do is to ration the stocks of Spectam that we have.

The way to do that is to use a different approach to the disease. 

Our recommendations are:

  • Reserve Spectam for use in the later part of lambing or for any high-risk individuals
  • Be meticulous about hygiene at lambing time.
  • Be more aware of colostrum intake and supplement lambs that are at risk of not getting enough
  • Use a probiotic, such as Lamb Response for all new-born lambs.


It is hoped that an alternative product will be available to import soon, but it is a slow process.

We will contact folks as soon as we know about alternative products.

In the meantime you can read a brief article by Ken Wilson published a couple of years ago on preparation for lambing: page 1 ; page 2.

If you want a more in-depth study, click here to see the paper by Joseph Angell and Jennifer Duncan.

Ewe Nutrition

Nutrition hugely affects all aspects of sheep health and production. Poor nutrition has negative effects on ovulation rate, early embryonic loss, lamb vitality, peri-natal metabolic disease and passive transfer of antibodies through colostrum.


Trace element deficiencies in sheep

Deficiency of essential trace elements may lead to significant economic losses within affected sheep flocks; however diagnosis can be tricky as clinical signs are frequently mild and insidious in onset, such as poor growth rates, weak neonatal lambs, non-specific ill thrift or reduced feed intake. Problems tend to affect the whole group rather than individual animals and are frequently recurrent on a farm; organic units may be particularly susceptible due to increased reliance on home-grown feeds and restrictions on use of mineral supplementation. Diagnosis requires careful differentiation of trace element deficiency from other common causes of poor productivity such as chronic parasitic disease or inadequate nutrition; it is not uncommon for a combination of factors to be present, each of which will require appropriate intervention to correct. The most common trace element deficiencies in sheep include Copper, Cobalt, Selenium/Vitamin E and to a lesser extent Iodine and Manganese.


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Backyard Poultry (chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys & guinea fowl ), are an excellent way of providing pets, entertainment & education for children and ultimately eggs and meat for families and friends.


Pre-tupping preparation of both rams and ewes is key to ensuring a healthy lamb crop is conceived at tupping time, and profitability is not compromised from the start.

Fertility – in both ewes and rams – is affected by many factors, including health, nutrition, body condition, genetics, age, season, stress and the environment.

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