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Our Vision, Mission and Values

Discover the principles which underpin the work we do.  These explain the reasons why we have an interest in caring for, and safe-guarding the welfare of, animals under our care.

horse-wrappedUsing input from all staff groups, we brought together a range of statements about the practice which encapsulate the work we do and why we do it.

These form our Vision Mission and Value Statements.


Our Vision

We have sought to bring together in one concise statement the whole ethos of the practice and our reason for being here.

It states that we are:

Dedicated to provide a locally based, professional veterinary service that seeks to safeguard animal health and welfare within our community.

Our Mission

Expanding on our vision statement, we have listed 8 key activities which demonstrate what we do to deliver that vision.

Our Mission Statements

We are a rural, mixed, veterinary practice, serving the communities of Caithness and North Sutherland.

We provide general veterinary care to all species, from our surgeries in Thurso and Wick.

We offer a fully integrated veterinary service.

We ensure that 24 hour emergency care is provided by locally based professional staff.

We supply a range of products that are proven to be effective in the care of domesticated animals.

We enable our clients to make decisions about appropriate procedures and products for their animals.

We serve all sectors of the community.

We aim to support our clients in maintaining the highest level of health, welfare and, in agriculture, productivity of their animals.

Our Values

As we provide Veterinary care to our clients and their animals, there are certain guiding principles help us to focus on making the right choices.

These value statements are set out as goals which we seek to achieve, to the best of our abilty, each and every day.

Our value statements

We will strive to keep animal welfare at the core of our business.

We will provide prompt, effective veterinary care to all animals under our care.

We will personally provide a 24 hour emergency service to animals under our care.

We will promote a pro-active approach to animal health,welfare and productivity.

We will provide a high quality, cost effective professional service, tailored to meet individual needs.

We will provide a compassionate and personal service to our clients.

We will provide excellent customer service through consistent and effective communication.

We will continuously develop and manitain communication within the practice.

We will provide opportunities and funding for professional and staff development.

We will provide educational opportunities for those training to be veterinary surgeons and nurses.

We will maintain a friendly, supportive and respectful working environment.



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